Our Vision is to impress you with quality hand knotted carpets that adds a classy comfort to your surroundings.

We endeavor to beautify your home with easy maintenance and endurable carpets.

Our production varies in styles, colours and textures which complement any type of home décor - Be it Traditional or Urban, Casual or Formal.

Our carpets are guaranteed to embrace all kinds of interior settings and undoubtedly provide you years of beauty and performance.

About Us

We supply Eco friendly carpets using wool from the Tibetan High Plateau and New Zealand which can be both Pure and Blended. Other fibers used are the best silk of China and also vegetable fibers like Hemp, linen and Nettle.

The designs in our Collection are unlimited possibilities in Creativity encasing different varieties of Materials and Colour combinations. Skillful hand knotted Artwork is created by Structures,Colours,Density of knots and natural fibers all matched by Creative Designing.

About Colour
We use high quality Swiss dyes from Sandoz or if preferred vegetable dyes are also used.

You can select the colour sysstem from Pantone TPX or ARS 1200 from ARS box.

You can have your own choice of colour from fabric or colour samples and we can match it as close as possible.
About Quality
We produce from a quality of less density 60 knots to high density of 150 knots.

According to your needs and complexity of designs, we can produce 60 knots, 80 knots, 100 knots and 150 knots.

60 knots

80 knots

100 knots

150 knots
About Sizes
All sizes and shapes can be produced. For the bigger size, the loom is available for the maximum width size of 7metres and the length of 15 meters.
About Structures
We provide you varieties of structures for your preference. Hand knotted artwork is created by Structures such as High and Low pile, Cut and Loop pile, Mixed pile, and can use Natural fibers in motifs or 100%.
High and low pile
Extra High pile
Cut and loop pile